In the world of makeup and social media, Masuda Mangal has captivated audiences with her honest product reviews and engaging presence. What began as sharing beauty content on Instagram featuring her favorite products quickly gained popularity, catching the attention of major brands and amassing a loyal following. In this article, we delve into Masuda’s journey, her aspirations of building her own business, and how she shares glimpses of her personal life with her devoted followers. 

Hello, Masuda! It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk to you and learn more about your exciting journey in the world of makeup and travel. Let’s start with your rise in the makeup industry through your honest and trustworthy reviews. How do you feel about gaining a loyal following through your authentic content?

Hello! Thank you for having me here. It’s truly gratifying to see how my content has resonated with so many people and how I’ve managed to build a loyal following. I believe that honesty and reliability are key when it comes to beauty product reviews, as my followers trust my opinion to make informed decisions about which products to try.

The support from major brands like Sephora, Hudabeauty, and feelunique has been incredible and has allowed me to reach an even wider audience. I’m grateful for every opportunity that has come my way, and I’ll continue to share authentic and helpful content for my followers.

In addition to your passion for makeup, you also share moments from your personal life with your followers, from your marriage to your travels. What inspires you to share these intimate aspects of your life, and how do you think it has impacted the connection with your audience?

I’ve always believed in the importance of being authentic on social media. I think that sharing personal and exciting moments from my life allows my followers to get to know me better and establish a deeper connection. The support and encouraging messages I receive from them are truly heartwarming.

Sharing my marriage and travels have allowed my followers to be part of my personal journey and experience special moments alongside me. I believe that this creates a special bond and strengthens the community we’ve built together.

You’ve had the opportunity to travel to fascinating places, including a trip to Dubai where you met your inspirations, Mona Kattan and Alya Kattan. How was that experience, and what impact has it had on your career and future aspirations?

My trip to Dubai was truly memorable and enriching. Meeting Mona Kattan and Alya Kattan, whom I deeply admire, was a dream come true. I had the opportunity to witness the work of the Hudabeauty team and learn from them. It was inspiring to see their dedication and passion for the industry.

This experience has fueled my future aspirations, reinforcing my desire to establish my own business and expand my presence in e-commerce. It has given me a clearer vision of what is possible and has motivated me to continue pursuing my goals.

Despite your social media success, you maintain a full-time job at Liebeskind Berlin. How do you manage to balance your professional career with your passion for makeup and content creation? Do you have plans to fully dedicate yourself to your business in the near future?

Balancing my professional career with my passion for makeup and content creation can be challenging, but it’s something I’ve learned to manage over time. I appreciate my work at Liebeskind Berlin as it provides financial stability and allows me to learn valuable skills.

However, my long-term goal is to build my own business and fully dedicate myself to my passion. I’m diligently working to grow my presence in e-commerce and provide high-quality makeup services to my clients. I hope that in the near future, I can take the leap and fully focus on my business.

Looking ahead, what can you tell us about your upcoming projects and desired travel destinations?

Masuda Mangal: As for my upcoming projects, I’m excited to continue expanding my presence in e-commerce and offering top-notch makeup services to my clients. I’m also exploring collaboration opportunities with brands and looking for ways to take my content to new levels.

As for travel destinations, Maldives is my next dream destination. I’d love to immerse myself in the natural beauty of the islands and create unforgettable experiences there. I hope to share these adventures with my followers and take them along on my journey.

Masuda, it has been a true pleasure talking to you and learning more about your journey in the world of makeup and travel. We wish you great success in your future projects and look forward to seeing your incredible reviews and personal moments on social media.

Thank you! It has been a pleasure sharing my story and passion with you. I appreciate the support of all my followers, and I hope to continue inspiring them through my content and adventures. See you on social media!

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